University Support

Clarendon will support your child into and through university.
University support from £70/hour.

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University Entrance

Clarendon will help your child choose the right university for them and then guide them through the entrance process.

With an extensive knowledge of the UK university landscape, we can advise on the ideal university for a prospective student. Clarendon has experience with helping students with their UCAS applications, as well as helping with students’ personal statements.

Oxbridge Entrance

Clarendon has an abundance of Oxbridge graduates who can help your child with their Oxbridge entrance.

These graduates can advise on appropriate reading lists, prepare candidates for interview, as well as prepare for certain subject specific entrance tests, like the history aptitude test.

Oxbridge Entrance

University support

Make sure you child gets the most out of their degree.

Clarendon represents a number of graduates and postgraduates able to guide your child through the more challenging aspects of their degree. We are also able to put them in touch with our network of undergraduates for more informal peer to peer help.

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Whatever your child’s educational dream, Clarendon can help.