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Clarendon has a proven track record of success at 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+, and 13+ to all the most selective schools in the country.


7+/8 +

A lot of parents rightly understand the value of getting their child into the right school at 7+ or 8+, as it takes a lot of the pressure off later down the line.

Clarendon is experienced in helping children through this process without placing them under any undue stress. Our approach places emphasis on the enjoyment of learning, so children can prepare thoroughly for exams without the fear of failure.

ISEB pre-test /11+/13 +

Getting your child into the senior school that will maximise their potential can be a minefield, so let Clarendon guide you through the whole process.

Although the ISEB pre-test is not easy to prepare for, there are things you can do to maximise your child’s chances. We also have tutors who know the entrance procedure for your chosen school and can guide your child through the Maths, English or Reasoning element of the entrance test.

ISEB pre-test /11+/13 +


The Clarendon Consultancy team has a wealth of experience of the English school system and detailed knowledge of English schools.

We offer a consultancy service: compiling long lists and a short list based on the needs and abilities of your child; guiding students through the exam and interview process and guiding parents on how you can help your child during this process.



Fantastic service - for the first time my child actually seemed to want to learn. Would highly recommend Clarendon tutors. Thank you!

Patricia Sweet 2nd April 2019

All the Tutors that have tutored my daughter since returning from Asia have been SO lovely and very good at teaching my daughter at all the different stages at primary school, especially as she has often needed more than one teaching approach with her dyslexia, which an experienced tutor would be able to do and it was essential in helping her retain the information required in order for her to keep up with her peer group, either in Maths or English or preparing her for a Verbal or Non Verbal reasoning test!

Mrs Collett 24th November 2021

Very professional and friendly tutors with an outstanding ability to make children excel at their subjects.

Goli Samii 21st May 2021

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