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Syllabus planning / Exam boards

Clarendon will help you choose the right syllabi and exam boards to allow your child to thrive with homeschooling.

We have years of experience helping parents to create an at-home academic programme that will help your child achieve top results, but also equip them with the right skills to thrive at university and in life.

Rigorous reporting

Our rigorous reporting system will ensure that you can keep track of your child’s progress.

Many parents worry that home schooling lacks the accountability of a school education, but we send through detailed monthly reports and liaise regularly with tutors and parents to make sure your child’s education is thriving at home.

Rigorous reporting

Exam preparations

Clarendon will make sure your child feels relaxed and confident heading into their exams.

Exam practice is such an important factor towards exam success, so Clarendon makes sure your child does their ‘mocks’, just as they would at school. For children with exam anxiety, we can help recreate the exam hall environment they will encounter for their real exams.



Great team at Clarendon. Knowledgeable and sensitive to individual needs. A professional team with great tutors. Their help gave the much needed lift to get our 10yr old over the ISEB hurdles. Highly recommended !

A A 23rd January 2023

Great service! Been enjoying all the lessons and have learnt a lot.

Jacobo Gonzalez 6th October 2022

Honestly do not think I could have reached the top grades without Clarendon Tutors, while also having a most enjoyable experience along the way. REALLY COULDN'T HIGHLY RECOMMEND MORE !!!

Billy Burton 6th September 2022

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