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Exam support from Clarendon can take the pressure of your child and help them get the results they deserve.
Exam support from £50/hour.

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It is very common for children to find subjects they struggle with at GCSE level.

There are always students who find Maths or Sciences or Languages or Humanities to be a real struggle. Clarendon has great tutors who can help students of all abilities reach their goals. Our tutors will help with organisation and revision, which can be a real thorn in the side of some GCSE students.

A Level

Nerves can kick in when students know what grades they need to get in to the university of their choice, so let Clarendon Tutors take the stress off.

Clarendon has great tutors to help with all subjects, building confidence, polishing exam technique as well as improving drive and focus. We have a spotless record of helping children achieve their desired A level results and getting in to their top university choice.

A Level


Clarendon has a wealth of tutors with experience of every IB, pre-U and BTEC subject.

They are brilliant at building the confidence of the students they help, working through exam practice or coursework, so that your child feels fully prepared to get their desired results and move on to the next step in life.

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Whatever your child’s educational dream, Clarendon can help.