Holiday Tutors

Ensure you children’s holidays are fun filled and educationally enriching.
Holiday tutors from £180/day.

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Holiday Tutors

Make sure your child is as fully prepared as they can be, whilst still going on your family holiday.

We have a bank of great tutors, who can accompany you and your family on holiday and make sure your child is fully prepared for their upcoming exams. Our tutors are experienced in preparing children for all manner of exams and they won’t get in the way of you and your family having an amazing holiday.

Summer Programmes

At Clarendon we see the Summer as an opportunity for children to improve.

The Summer holidays are often a time where children will regress academically – this is especially true of young children – but this needn’t be so. Clarendon can help tailor summer programmes for your children that can help them improve academically, whilst injecting fun and curiosity into their learning.

Summer Programmes

Work and Play

The holidays should be a time for your children to relax and enjoy themselves.

Clarendon understands this and we have a number of engaging young tutors, who are just as adept at helping you child with their Maths and English or football and tennis. These are tutors who come to stay and get involved with games in the garden, as well as following an academic programme.

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Whatever your child’s educational dream, Clarendon can help.