What We Do

Clarendon Tutors will help your child through every step of their education.

Academic Support

Academic support can maximise your child’s potential and enhance their school experience.

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School Admissions

Let Clarendon guide your child into their perfect school.

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Exam Support

Exam support from Clarendon can take the pressure of your child and help them get the results they deserve.

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Clarendon can help you take back control of your child’s education.

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Holiday Tutors

Ensure you children’s holidays are fun filled and educationally enriching.

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University Support

Clarendon will support your child into and through university.

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Great team at Clarendon. Knowledgeable and sensitive to individual needs. A professional team with great tutors. Their help gave the much needed lift to get our 10yr old over the ISEB hurdles. Highly recommended !

A A 23rd January 2023

We love Clarendon Tutors! Such professional, friendly and fun tutors! Highly recommend them!!

Jahna Szabo 25th May 2020

I could not recommend Clarendon Tutors highly enough. They have been instrumental in helping me achieve my academic goals and I simply would not be in the position that I am today were it not for the excellent tutors working at Clarendon Tutors. They have always been able to adapt to my every need and they have always taken the time to ensure that I was fully prepared for any exam. The preparation we did together for my GCSE's and A level's was massively influential in helping me to achieve the grades that were required of me. I am extremely grateful to everyone at Claredon Tutors for all their support. I highy recommend them.

Jose Abaroa 6th July 2021