Putting Your Child First

Clarendon Tutors is a London based tutoring agency and educational consultant that helps children all over the world reach their educational goals.
What We Do

Academic Support

Academic support can maximise your child’s potential and enhance their school experience.

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School Admissions

Let Clarendon guide your child into their perfect school.

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Exam Support

Exam support from Clarendon can take the pressure of your child and help them get the results they deserve.

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Clarendon can help you take back control of your child’s education.

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Holiday Tutors

Ensure you children’s holidays are fun filled and educationally enriching.

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University Support

Clarendon will support your child into and through university.

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Whatever your child’s educational dream, Clarendon can help.


“We have used Clarendon’s tutors for all our 3 children and we simply couldn’t have achieved our goals without them. Henry and Orlando were instrumental when conceiving a study plan and finding inspirational people to work with the children. Both daughters achieved beyond their expectations at A Level and GCSE, whilst my youngest was offered a place at a top senior school. I know Clarendon will be with us every step of the way.”



“Clarendon have been a great help for our daughter taking her GCSEs, as well as our son taking his 11+. They listened to the needs of each of them, carefully selecting a tutor who was the perfect match. We’ll be using Clarendon in the future.”



“Clarendon/Henry listened to my child’s unique needs. As a result we were able to find a tutor who matched her academic requirements, was conveniently located for us, and is engaging with my child.”



“We moved from Spain to London and needed a tutor to help my two children aged 11 and 17. Clarendon did a brilliant job, not only finding the right tutor, but also helping us to understand the education system in UK. Thank you.”



“Whether studying for 11+, GCSE or A Levels, Clarendon Tutors have not only delivered the academic success we were seeking but also contributed in giving my children a huge boost of confidence which has held them in very good stead since. I couldn’t recommend them more!”



“A Clarendon tutor made all the difference, building Nick’s confidence and helping him consolidate for his A Levels; he wouldn’t have reached his target without Clarendon, I’m certain of that.”



“Clarendon Tutors genuinely care about the passions and interests of my child. Our family have formed a strong and respectful relationship with the agency based on our long term aspirations for children, rather than short term targets.”



“After quite a few disappointments with various tutor agencies I found myself incredibly grateful for having been recommended to Henry and Orlando, the owners of Clarendon Tutors. Thanks to their dedication, passion and commitment to selecting the best tutors, my children passed all their exams and well exceeded all expectations, securing places at their first choice of schools and universities.”