7+, 8+, 11+, 13+

Faraday - Faraday tutors are the best school leavers and undergraduates; we screen our Faraday tutors thoroughly. The great thing about Faraday tutors is that, because of their age, enthusiasm and (electro) magnetism, they can form close bonds with their tutees and reinvigorate their education. £40/hr

Darwin - Darwin tutors are undergraduates whose tutoring and teaching experience has enabled them to evolve into tutors capable of confidently carrying your child through the entire entrance exam process. £60/hr

Newton - Newton tutors have, through years of experience, risen to the top of the tutoring game, seemingly unencumbered by gravity. Newton tutors have plenty of experience getting children into London’s most selective schools and the top boarding schools; they are London’s most sought after tutors. £80/hr

GCSE to A Level and beyond

Dickens – Our Dickens tutors are pooled from the best school leavers and undergraduates.   What they lack in experience they make up for in passion, energy and enthusiasm. As the age gap is not as pronounced, they form close bonds with their tutees, allowing them to relish and look forward to the sessions. Should you choose a Dickens tutor you will be entitled to great expectations for your child. £50/hr

Austen - Clarendon’s Austen tutors are mostly undergraduates and graduates with tutoring and teaching experience. We screen our tutors with pride and prejudice, ensuring that your child has someone able to guide them through entire public exam process. £70/hr

Shakespeare - Shakespeare tutors are Clarendon’s most experienced tutors; they have got consistently great results and exemplary reviews from clients. If your child is struggling badly through the tempest of public exams, then a Shakespeare tutor is an ideal choice.  £90/hr


Transparency is fundamental to our business. Pricing is based on a per hour/per student basis. We do not charge registration fees, finding fees or admin fees; we have no hidden fees whatsoever. Clarendon Tutors takes a 30% agency fee that is included in the prices shown above. We believe that you should be able to choose a tutor based on the experience and price point that suits you.