Individual Focus

Clarendon Tutors understands that the most important person in the process is your child and we tailor our approach based on the needs and ambitions of each student. We like to sit down with your child numerous times to properly assess them, as well as read school reports, meet with teachers where appropriate and talk with the people who know your children best: you.

Once we have a good impression of your child’s needs, we can match them with a tutor. A good tutor can offer so much to a child – educational support, organisational skills, mentoring, motivation, inspiration – and so we strive to find just the right match. If your child and our tutor can develop a strong relationship, then your child will benefit so much more. After our assessments we produce a schedule that will help your tutor guide your child towards their goals.

We constantly liaise with our tutors to monitor the progress being made, and, if needs be, modify the schedule. Parents will also receive detailed reports on a weekly and monthly basis.