Clarendon Tutors offers possibly the most bespoke tutoring service in London.

Of course, we have a bank of fantastic Oxbridge educated tutors. And of course, we can help your child with their A levels, GCSEs and competitive entrance exams - in fact we have a brilliant track record of this. You should take this for granted from your tutoring agency.

Clarendon Tutors offers so much more than this.

Before we place your child with a tutor, we assess them thoroughly over a number of sessions. This allows us to focus in on the strengths and weaknesses of your child, and come up with a suitable strategy for your child’s tutor to implement. This policy is one of the things that sets us apart; our tutors have a plan from the start, rather than fumbling about for the first two months figuring things out themselves. If your child needs it, we have educational psychologists and special educational needs assessments as well.

Whatever your child needs, Clarendon has it.

'A truly amazing selection of tutors. We got two brilliant tutors to help 'S', one for Maths and Sciences and one for Humanities. The CVs for tutors that Clarendon thought would connect with 'S' were amazing. We'll definitely be going Clarendon for our youngest.'

'The thing I loved about Clarendon was the constant support. The agencies I have used in the past have just sent us anonymous tutors and that's been the end of it. Clarendon helped us through every step of getting 'M' into Latymer.'